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We are working with quality instead of quantity. Every litter is carefully planned. That has given us several Titels.

We are delighted to tell you that Tiff is pregnant.
Puppies in the end of december 2016!!

After searching suitable male for our Tiff
the choice fell once again on
"Kaiser" Artizan Might And Power
We were mighty pleased with the last litter
and look if possible even more forward to this litter.
Healthy puppies with a completely wonderful temperament
made us question Kaisers owner if we were welcomed back to mate again.

Tiff is our star from Australia. Her father was born here with us and move to
Tracy in Austraila as a puppy. When he became a father Tiff came up to us.
Now she will have her second litter. The next generation of Jawazza/Magicalia poodles


The father to this litter is also from Australian / Swedish lines.
The very handsome white boy

Multi Champion Artizan Might And Power

Kaiser is also competing in agility. That he injoys a lot.


Both of the parents has A on the hips!!

Since Tiff is black dominant we are only execting black puppies.


If you are interessed in a poodle for show, obedience
or just a wonderful member of your family
please dont hesitate, give us a call or send us a mail

Mobil: +46 708 714 786