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We are working with quality instead of quantity. Every litter is carefully planned. That has given us several Champions.


24/8 Johannishus
Home again after a week on the island of Bornholm. A nice little tradition we
have is to go there whenever we can when it's show.
This year we had three adult poodles and a
young scamp with us. Crowded but cozy in the caravan.

Loop, Pixel and Copy


On Saturday, we were hungry for revenge
a poor performance at the last exhibition.
Tiff showed herself from her best side and beated
both open and champion females.
BOS with Cert Ann-Christin Johansson.

Day two was not as good.
Tiff had a stomach ache, it would prove to 5 min
after the ring. Then had the poor girl diarrhea. Not easy to be
happy and alert then. But an honorable Best Bitch 2 with R-CAC anyway.


We have been twice to Denmark with Tiff now.
The first time she won the junior-class and got her first junior cert.
She was also picked out as Best Bitch 2.

Next time we went and hoped for the second junior cert.
She got that!! And the real one as well.
At the end of the day she was BOB BIS-junior 2 and BIS 4.
We are more than hapy with this little girl of ours.

12 months old



Got a pleasing report from the Stockholm International today.
Wilzons son Klagtorpsgårdens Man in the mirror won the juniorclass in the fierce competition.
He got the
title Swedish Junior Winner 2012.
all was over, he had also been awarded the CAC. It is his second from juniorclass.
, he is now nominated for Crufts not ones but twice.
Lots of
congratulations to his owner, hairdresser and handler Viktor Nilsson.
Now I can not wait until my litter by Mr. Wilzon born in January.


On 25/11 we went to Denmark again.
This time it was Danish poodle club that had a show.
We had entered Mr. Wilzon and Tiff.

It was the first time I put the puppy in Denmark and looked forward to this.
We were there in good time and prepared two dogs.

BOB in puppies 6-9 months.
And Mr. Wilzon got excellent and was Best Male 3

you better take a nap when you can

4 hours later, it was time for the BIS-finals.
Tiff had to compete against a toy, miniature and a dwarf.
All very nice.

In the end, the judge placed 4th and 3rd.
Then Tiff and toy left for placement.
We had to run a lap and Tiff found balance and attitude
and managed all the superbly by herself.
When the judge raised his hand with the prize ribbon and handed it over to us.
The joy was high in the ceiling. To beat such a sweet and nice toy ... WOW

It has happened a lot since the last update.
One more of Mr. Wilzons puppies have Cert.
Klagtorpsgårdens Man In The Mirror
took his CC in Växjö on 2/11.
Congratulations to his owner Viktor Nilsson

Wilda has got her Swedish championship and
became Nordic champion. She was BOS at
SPK Västra show in Gothenburg and then got it
CC needed to get his Swedish title.

She is now NORD UCH!

Tiff has been to his first show here in Sweden.
We enterd her to both a
puppy and junior show and a specialty show
that SPK södra arranged in Hässleholm.

On Saturday, she was BOB and BIG2
6 Standard Poodles were enterd, and in the group we were 12.
So I am more than satisfied with her ​​debut.

On Sunday it was as the specialty.
Tiff was then BOS
I really happy with that result as well

31/8 Arlanda airport

After a long wait, she finally arrived at Arlanda airport.
Our small princess.
Read more under her site.


1/7Bornholm Denmark
This weekend we were at the internationell show on Bornholm.
Mr Wilzon went Best Male 4 in his very short haircut.
I was very pleased with that result.

Good handled by Ylva.

Our beautiful Wilda went BOS with CERT and CACIB.
She is today DKUCH and FINUCH

Thanks to the judge of today Annette Bystrup Denmark.


Got some great news from Kirsti in Finland today.
"Tynne" became FI UCH by beeing BOB at Rauma.
Many congratulations from us here in Sweden.

A bran new Jawazza-champion in Australia.
This time it was "Nova" Jawazza Dont Mind If I Do
that got her title only 14 months old.

Here with her co-owner Bron who has done such a
great work with this baby together with Tracy.

What a great weekend we had.
On Saturday we were in the training environment with Atlas.
This time Mats was riding and I had the pleasure to shoot

See more at Atlas site

Sunday came with -7 degreese.
That day we went to SPK's Specialty show.
It was 18 bitches entered. Mini won the openclass with Exc and CK.
When it was time for the Best Bitch class we were 12 that was lineing up.

Mini received an honorable third place with R-cert.

And where was the camera?? At home!
Cellphones dont take great photos.




We are looking forward to the next one!


25/2 Hässleholm
I had the pleasure to show one of Mr. Wilzons sons today.
We were at a big puppy show in southern Sweden.
12 standard poodles were entered 4-12 months of age.
Jackson (Klagtorpsgården Beat It) was BOS.

He beat both younger and older males.
Congratulations to his owner Ylva and his breeder Kristel Tevin.